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The Testament of Sister New Devil / Shinmai Maou no Testament

Ended 2 Seasons - 22 Episodes
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The Testament of Sister New Devil / Shinmai Maou no Testament  online eng sub free – Basara Toujou met his two cute little sisters, Mio Naruse and Maria Naruse. The two sisters revealed themselves as a member of the demon clan and Basara as a member of hero clan, demon clan’s enemy, and is not related by family. Mio is the future Demon Lord and since Mio’s power is not fully awakened, Basara will protect her from the demons who are after the power she inherited from her deceased father, Demon Lord Wilbert.

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24m 2015 305 views

Season 2
1 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-178-episode-3-season-2.jpg"> What I Can Do For You2015
2 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-179-episode-4-season-2.jpg"> Suspicions Deepening Within Mysteries2015
3 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-180-episode-5-season-2.jpg"> My Cherished Feelings, For You2015
4 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-181-episode-6-season-2.jpg"> Amidst Entwining Plots2015
5 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-182-episode-7-season-2.jpg"> Amidst the Wind Blowing Through the Battlefield2015
6 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-183-episode-8-season-2.jpg"> Between Reality and One's Own Truth2015
7 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-184-episode-9-season-2.jpg"> Between Entwining Plots and Desires2015
8 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-185-episode-10-season-2.jpg"> Those Contending For The Future2015
9 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-186-episode-1-season-1.jpg"> Beyond the Endless Dream2015
10 <img src="//" alt="Image the-testament-of-sister-new-devil-shinmai-maou-no-testament-187-episode-2-season-1.jpg"> The Consequences of What Must Be Done2015
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