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The God of High School

Ended 1 Seasons - 13 Episodes
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The God of High School watch online eng subbed free – When an island half-disappears from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization sends out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world. “If you win you can have ANYTHING you want,” they claim. They’re recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of High School. Jin Mori, a Taekwondo specialist and a high school student, soon learns that there is something much greater beneath the stage of the tournament.

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24m 2020 256 views

Season 1
1 Image dr-stone-10402-episode-23-season-1.jpg set up/stand up2020
2 Image dr-stone-10403-episode-24-season-1.jpg renewal/soul2020
3 Image dr-stone-10404-episode-1-season-2.jpg wisdom/kingdom2020
4 Image dr-stone-10405-episode-2-season-2.jpg marriage/bonds2020
5 Image dr-stone-10406-episode-3-season-2.jpg ronde/hound2020
6 Image dr-stone-10407-episode-4-season-2.jpg fear/SIX2020
7 Image dr-stone-10408-episode-5-season-2.jpg anima/force2020
8 Image dr-stone-10409-episode-6-season-2.jpg close/friend2020
9 Image dr-stone-10410-episode-7-season-2.jpg curse/cornered2020
10 Image dr-stone-10411-episode-8-season-2.jpg oath/meaning2020
11 Image dr-stone-10412-episode-9-season-2.jpg lay/key2020
12 Image dr-stone-10413-episode-10-season-2.jpg FOX/GOD2020
13 Image dr-stone-10414-episode-11-season-2.jpg GOD/GOD2020
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