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Soul Buster

In Production 1 Seasons - 12 Episodes
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Soul Buster watch online eng subbed free – Soul Buster is about a boy named Son Shin who lives in the present time. He breaks a seal in his dream and erases the past known as the Sangokushi period. Without knowing why, he travels back in time and gets involved with the Sangokushi timeline.

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13m 2016 231 views

Season 1
1 Image naruto-shippuden-3161-episode-56-season-3.jpg Soul Buster2016
2 Image naruto-shippuden-3162-episode-57-season-3.jpg Enlightenment2016
3 Image naruto-shippuden-3163-episode-58-season-3.jpg Twilight2016
4 Image Soul Buster 1x4 Disaster2016
5 Image naruto-shippuden-3165-episode-60-season-3.jpg Arrowhead2016
6 Image naruto-shippuden-3166-episode-61-season-3.jpg Ebisu2016
7 Image naruto-shippuden-3167-episode-62-season-3.jpg Servant2016
8 Image naruto-shippuden-3168-episode-63-season-3.jpg Flames2016
9 Image naruto-shippuden-3169-episode-64-season-3.jpg Vow2016
10 Image naruto-shippuden-3170-episode-65-season-3.jpg Demon2016
11 Image Soul Buster 1x11 Collapse2016
12 Image naruto-shippuden-3172-episode-67-season-3.jpg Tomorrow2016
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