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Returning Series 2 Seasons - 42 Episodes
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Radiant watch online eng subbed free – Seth is a boy who seeks to become a great magician, and a group of witches who seek to travel to the Radiant. Radiant is a mythical land that spawns monsters called “Néméses” which fall to the world from the sky. While traveling, they are also hunted by The Inquisition.

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Season 2
1 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-7994-episode-107-season-3.jpg"> Toward a New Adventure -Overture-2019
2 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-7995-episode-108-season-3.jpg"> An Encounter in the Rain -Mist-2019
3 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-7996-episode-109-season-3.jpg"> The City of Knights -Caislean Merlin-2019
4 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-7997-episode-110-season-3.jpg"> The Bringer of Calamity -Dullahan-2019
5 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-7998-episode-111-season-3.jpg"> Silent Rain, Distant Hearts -Rain-2019
6 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-7999-episode-112-season-3.jpg"> His Name Is -Diabal-2019
7 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8000-episode-113-season-3.jpg"> The Spectre Battle -Spectre-2019
8 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8001-episode-114-season-3.jpg"> Seth in the Forest of Time -Caillte-2019
9 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8002-episode-115-season-3.jpg"> The Palace of Schemes -Palace-2019
10 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8003-episode-116-season-3.jpg"> The Qualifications of a Knight -Quality-2019
11 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8004-episode-117-season-3.jpg"> Now, Feel the World -Resonance-2019
12 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8005-episode-118-season-3.jpg"> The Truth Is Like a Curse -Ocoho-2019
13 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8006-episode-119-season-3.jpg"> Your Decision -Knighthood2019
14 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8007-episode-120-season-3.jpg"> The Final Battlefield -Battlefield-2020
15 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8008-episode-121-season-3.jpg"> Led to the Abyss by a Melody of Death -Harmonizium-2020
16 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8009-episode-122-season-3.jpg"> The Light of Life is Extinguished -Tragedy-2020
17 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8010-episode-123-season-3.jpg"> The Black Dragon Descends -Pen Draig-2020
18 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8011-episode-124-season-3.jpg"> The Will of the People Shines Bright -Resistance-2020
19 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8012-episode-125-season-3.jpg"> I Can't Hear Your Voice -Myrddin-2020
20 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8013-episode-126-season-3.jpg"> A Bouquet of Flowers for This Land -Fantasia-2020
21 <img src="" alt="Image naruto-8014-episode-127-season-3.jpg"> The Future is With You -Eternity-2020
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