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No Guns Life

Ended 1 Seasons - 24 Episodes
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No Guns Life watch online eng subbed free – Humans that have been physically altered and turned into dangerous weapons are known as the Extended. Juuzou Inui awakens as one of these weapons — with amnesia. But his job as an agent investigating the Extended leads to a mysterious child with Extended ties showing up at his office. Now Inui must keep the child away from street gangs and the megacorporation Berühren, and it won’t be easy.

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24m 2019 274 views

Season 1
1 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4816-episode-50-season-1.jpg Renegade Extended2019
2 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4817-episode-51-season-1.jpg Extended Remote-Control Device2019
3 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4818-episode-52-season-1.jpg Puppet2019
4 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4819-episode-53-season-1.jpg Trigger2019
5 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4820-episode-54-season-1.jpg EMS2019
6 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4821-episode-55-season-1.jpg Hero2019
7 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4822-episode-56-season-1.jpg Overheat2019
8 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4823-episode-57-season-1.jpg Will2019
9 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4824-episode-58-season-1.jpg Reverberation2019
10 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4825-episode-59-season-1.jpg Phantom Limb2019
11 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4826-episode-60-season-1.jpg Owner2019
12 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4827-episode-61-season-1.jpg Specter2019
13 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4828-episode-62-season-1.jpg Turning Point2020
14 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4829-episode-63-season-1.jpg Client2020
15 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4830-episode-64-season-1.jpg A Place to Call Home2020
16 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4831-episode-65-season-1.jpg Engineer2020
17 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4832-episode-66-season-1.jpg Noble Rot2020
18 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4833-episode-67-season-1.jpg Traces of Crime2020
19 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4834-episode-68-season-1.jpg Scar2020
20 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4835-episode-69-season-1.jpg I'm Dreaming2020
21 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4836-episode-70-season-1.jpg Degeneration2020
22 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4837-episode-71-season-1.jpg Imprisoning Binds2020
23 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4838-episode-72-season-1.jpg Trigger Again2020
24 Image gegege-no-kitarou-4839-episode-73-season-1.jpg Earnest Desire2020
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