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Mr Nobunagas Young Bride

Returning Series 1 Seasons - 12 Episodes
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Mr Nobunagas Young Bride watch online eng subbed free – One day, a girl who loves me will suddenly appear before me.

Middle school teacher Nobunaga has always been dreaming of such a gal game-like situation. However, the one who appeared before him was Kichou, a 14-year-old girl who proclaims herself as his wife. Appears to have arrived from the Sengoku era, she mistakes Nobunaga as Nobunaga Oda and urges him to conceive a child with her. Thus begins the age-difference love comedy between a gal game-loving teacher and a Sengoku era expert princess.

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8m 2019 230 views

Season 1
1 Image mobile-suit-gundam-unicorn-re0096-2997-episode-19-season-1.jpg Episode 12019
2 Image mobile-suit-gundam-unicorn-re0096-2998-episode-20-season-1.jpg Episode 22019
3 Image mobile-suit-gundam-unicorn-re0096-2999-episode-21-season-1.jpg Episode 32019
4 Image mobile-suit-gundam-unicorn-re0096-3000-episode-22-season-1.jpg Episode 42019
5 Image Yotsuiro Biyori Episode 52019
6 Image Episode 62019
7 Image Episode 72019
8 Image yotsuiro-biyori-2711-poster.jpg Episode 82019
9 Image yotsuiro-biyori-2711-backdrop.jpg Episode 92019
10 Image yotsuiro-biyori-2711-poster.jpg Episode 102019
11 Image yotsuiro-biyori-2711-backdrop.jpg Episode 112019
12 Image Episode 122019
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