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Log Horizon

Ended 3 Seasons - 62 Episodes
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Log Horizon watch online eng subbed free – One day, while playing the online game Elder Tales, 30,000 players suddenly find themselves trapped in another world. There, eight-year veteran gamer Shiroe also gets left behind. The trapped players are still alive, but they remain in combat with the monsters. The players don’t understand what has happened to them, and they flee to Akiba, the largest city in Tokyo, where they are thrown into chaos. Once proud of his loner lifestyle, Shiroe forms a guild called Log Horizon with his old friend Naotsugu, female assassin Akatsuki and others.

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25m 2013 136 views

Season 2
1 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13664-episode-9-season-1.jpg"> Shiroe of the Northern Lands2014
2 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13665-episode-10-season-1.jpg"> The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes2014
3 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13666-episode-11-season-1.jpg"> The Abyssal Shaft2014
4 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13667-episode-12-season-1.jpg"> Shattered Wings2014
5 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13668-episode-13-season-1.jpg"> Christmas Eve2014
6 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13669-episode-14-season-1.jpg"> A Lost Child at Dawn2014
7 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13670-episode-15-season-1.jpg"> The Maidens of Watermaple2014
8 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13671-episode-16-season-1.jpg"> Akihabara Raid2014
9 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13672-episode-17-season-1.jpg"> The Changing Battlefield2014
10 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13673-episode-18-season-1.jpg"> Guild Master2014
11 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13674-episode-19-season-1.jpg"> Retry2014
12 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13675-episode-20-season-1.jpg"> The Gold of the Kunie2014
13 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13676-episode-21-season-1.jpg"> 2.14 a Sweet Trap2014
14 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13677-episode-22-season-1.jpg"> Kanami, Go East!2015
15 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13678-episode-23-season-1.jpg"> A New Journey2015
16 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13679-episode-24-season-1.jpg"> The Midday Vampire2015
17 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13680-episode-25-season-1.jpg"> Odyssey Knights2015
18 <img src="" alt="Image d4dj-petit-mix-13681-episode-26-season-1.jpg"> When the Concert Ends2015
19 <img src="" alt="Image Aikatsu Planet"> The Red Night2015
20 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-12895-poster.jpg"> Birthday Song2015
21 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-12895-backdrop.jpg"> The Skylarks Take Flight2015
22 <img src="" alt="Image season-1-13700-season-1.jpg"> Stranger2015
23 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13701-episode-1-season-1.jpg"> Isaac and Iselus2015
24 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13702-episode-2-season-1.jpg"> Sleep of the Eternal Moth2015
25 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13703-episode-3-season-1.jpg"> The Pioneers2015
Season 3
1 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13704-episode-4-season-1.jpg"> Rayneshia's Marriage2021
2 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13705-episode-5-season-1.jpg"> The Duke of Akiba2021
3 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13706-episode-6-season-1.jpg"> The Round Table Fractures2021
4 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13707-episode-7-season-1.jpg"> Akiba General Election2021
5 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13708-episode-8-season-1.jpg"> Blessings2021
6 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13709-episode-9-season-1.jpg"> Immortal in Ethereal Utopia2021
7 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13710-episode-10-season-1.jpg"> Not a Curse2021
8 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13711-episode-11-season-1.jpg"> The Oldest Ancients2021
9 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13712-episode-12-season-1.jpg"> Adoration2021
10 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13713-episode-13-season-1.jpg"> Labyrinth in Akiba2021
11 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13714-episode-14-season-1.jpg"> Despair Genius2021
12 <img src="" alt="Image aikatsu-planet-13715-episode-15-season-1.jpg"> Song of the Nightingales2021
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