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Ended 1 Seasons - 10 Episodes
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Idolls watch online eng subbed free – Go for Hoi Hoi Hall! This is the passionate but relaxed 10 day story of struggling idols who fight to fill a 100 seat concert hall! An idol group, consisting of four young girls, are at loss as the number of guests coming to their concerts is hilariously low. One day, confronted by a talking wooden carving, they take on a challenge to gather a hundred fans in only ten days in order to fill a proper concert venue.

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8m 2021 65 views

Season 1
1 Image Episode 12021
2 Image Episode 22021
3 Image Episode 32021
4 Image Episode 42021
5 Image Episode 52021
6 Image Episode 62021
7 Image Episode 72021
8 Image Episode 82021
9 Image Episode 92021
10 Image Episode 102021
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