Tiger Bunny 1x9

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child

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The heroes are tasked to keep guard on the Mayor's baby who is also a NEXT with strong telekinectic powers, who soon becomes attached to Pao-Lin "Dragon Kid" Huang. Pao-Lin and the baby stay for the night at Barnaby's house, where Barnaby finally shares with Kotetsu all he found about Ouroboros, the criminal organization involved with his parents' death. On the next day, the duo find that Pao-Lin and the child were kidnapped by a trio of NEXT criminal sisters who demand ransom for them. With the baby's help, Pao-Lin manages to subdue the criminals, but the sight of Kotetsu holding one of the sisters' tasers makes Barnaby remember the face of the man tho killed his parents face and he leaves the scene in a rush.
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