Tiger Bunny 1x8

There is Always a Next Time

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As Lunatic continues to kill criminals, the public start to question the need for heroes, which start to worry the sponsors. Thus, they start having the heroes help out with the community in order to gain the people's trust, with Kotetsu and Barnaby visiting a school alongside Ivan "Origami Cyclone" Karelin, who has a lot of self-doubt about his worth as a hero with only shape-shifting powers. He and Barnaby hear of Ivan's closest friend, Edward, who was the top of his class until an incident where he accidentally shot a hostage he was trying to save led to him being charged with murder. However, Edward escapes from prison and attacks Ivan, blaming him for hesitating to back him up during the incident. After rescuing him, Kotetsu encourages Ivan that he needs to be the one to stop Edward from committing more crimes. As Ivan goes to confront Edward, Lunatic appears and targets Edward. Ivan stands to protect Edward before Kotetsu and Barnaby arrive on the scene.
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