Tiger Bunny 1x7

The Wolf Knows What the Foul Beast Thinks

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Barnaby tells Kotetsu and Nathan about the Ouroboros syndicate who killed his parents, becoming frustrated that he has lost another lead. Nathan theorizes that the mysterious NEXT user is killing members of the Ouroboros syndicate to keep them quiet. With Barnaby not answering his calls, Kotetsu is temporarily paired up with Karina to stop a hostage situation. Afterward, the CEO of Kotetsu's company has him and Barnaby try out some prototype chambers to try and relieve their nerves, though Barnaby still has nightmares. Afterward, the heroes are called in to head into a crime syndicate hideout for a live broadcast, but just as they are about to move, the mysterious NEXT attacks the hideout. As the other heroes unsuccessfully try to save as many as they can, Barnaby pursues the culprit, who identifies himself as Lunatic, preaching his own type of justice. Although Lunatic escapes, the heroes manage to revive one of the criminals as a witness, despite not being a member of Ouroboros.
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