Tiger Bunny 1x5

Go for Broke!

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Barnaby starts to express some his anger towards Kotetsu after the company has to pay for the collateral damage he has caused. Kotetsu, misreading why Barnaby is upset, organizes a surprise birthday party for him with the other heroes, though becomes troubled deciding on what present to get him. However, their plan to surprise Barnaby by pretending to be thieves goes awry when a real thief named Pauly, a NEXT user that can turn his skin into diamond, is thrown into the mix, escaping with a priceless diamond. As Kotetsu and Barnaby have trouble getting through Pauly's diamond skin, a special 'Good-Luck' mode added to their suit activates in their last second of power, allowing them to break through it. It's later revealed the feature is aesthetic, and it was their apparent team work that defeated Pauly.
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