Tiger Bunny 1x23

Misfortunes Never Come Singly

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Kotetsu takes on Barnaby's attacks, trying to get him to remember him, eventually succeeding when he calls him by his nickname. As they head back towards Apollon Media with Saito, the company's head researcher, they learn that Maverick has taken Kaede and the other heroes hostage, holding them at Justice Tower. Upon arriving at the tower, they discover that the fake Wild Tiger is a robot called H-01 created by Rotwang, working in cahoots with Maverick, who is planning to replace all the heroes with androids. Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes are trapped in cages with bombs attached to their necks. Rotwang informs them that only the first to deactivate his/her bomb will be spared, at the cost of the others' lives, with all of them being killed if none of them do so before Tiger and Barnaby are defeated by the robot.
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