Tiger Bunny 1x19

There's No Way Out

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Looking to help Barnaby remember what really happened at the night of his parents' death, Kotetsu takes him to retrace his steps during that day. Barnaby deems his plan pointless as he keep remembering everything just as always, except by the face of the criminal, who keeps changing in his memories. Barnaby hears Kotetsu telling his mother on the phone he will quit being a hero and confronts him about it. Kotetsu tries to dissuade him in vain and Barnaby berates him claiming that he can't afford to have a partner who can't trust him before leaving. While confiding with his foster father Albert Maverick, the founder of Hero TV, Barnaby receives a call from his aunt Martha, who helps him remember that he wasn't with him on the day of the murder just like he claimed.
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