Tiger Bunny 1x18

Ignorance is Bliss

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As Kotetsu tries to work up the courage to announce he's retiring, Barnaby goes to see Kriem, who has awakened from a coma she was in since the Jake incident. She talks about how Jake saved her when she ostracized by her friends and family for being a NEXT. She reveals that Jake wasn't the one who killed Barnaby's parents, as he was with her on the day they were killed, before committing suicide. Barnaby goes into denial, saying he remembers clearly about his parents' death, but some video research shows differences between reality and Barnaby's memory. Upon this revelation, Barnaby's memory of the murderer's face keeps changing and he starts to doubt if he should continue being a hero, giving Kotetsu no room to tell him about his own intention to quit. Meanwhile, Kaede's trying to deal with her NEXT power, the ability to copy the power of any NEXT she's touched.
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