Tiger Bunny 1x15

The Sky's the Limit...

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Having been overtaken by Barnaby in the rankings, Keith starts feeling he is past his prime. Whilst walking through the park, he comes across a strange girl named Cis. When Karina, Nathan and Pao-Lin hear that he is supposedly in love with her, they start giving him advice which falls flat. Meanwhile, Kotetsu's former boss, Ben Jackson (now a cab driver), grows concerned when he hears of Kotetsu's increasing powers. After Cis is picked up by a strange man, she goes out of control when she witnesses a billboard of Kotetsu and Barnaby, bringing the two into the fight. Cis is revealed to be an android built by the man, Rotwang, who worked for Barnaby's parents. As Kotetsu's powers run out early again, Keith, who was somehow encouraged by Cis, appears and manages to destroy the android, not realising who it was. Afterwards, Kotetsu is called out by Ben, who tells him his power may soon disappear.
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