Tiger Bunny 1x14

Love Is Blind

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Ten months after the Ouroboros incident, Kotetsu and Barnaby are a successful and popular superhero team. Barnaby has won last season's MVP, while Rock Bison has fallen to last place in the rankings. Due to the increased popularity of Hero TV, a second league of superheroes has been introduced to handle minor crimes. While rehearsing for a joint concert with the duo, Karina realizes she has feelings for Kotetsu. At the concert, a NEXT backstage thief infiltrates Karina's dressing room and steals her bag. After figuring that the thief has the power of invisibility while he holds his breath, Kotetsu rushes after him, finding out that his abilities have increased in power, but run out earlier than usual. The new time constraints cause Kotetsu to run out of energy too early and the criminal ends up caught by Antonio, giving him a much needed career boost.
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