Tiger Bunny 1x13

Confidence is a Plant of Slow Growth

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Barnaby begins his fight with Jake, but is unable to hit him. Kotetsu awakes injured in the hospital, but has a realisation about Jake and leaves to find Barnaby, who is on the verge of losing. Kotetsu tells Barnaby he has figured out that Jake can read people's movements using a second power, super hearing, and gives him a sound grenade as a countermeasure. Barnaby uses the grenade, which initially seems ineffective; however, it turns to be a stun grenade, causing Jake to drop his guard and letting Barnaby defeat him. Kotetsu reveals that Jake's second power is in fact mind reading; he proposed a fake plan to Barnaby in order to mislead Jake. Kriem threatens to blow up the city using the mechs, but they have been taken out of commission by Blue Rose, Fire Emblem and Dragon Kid in the meantime. Jake tries to escape, but when he shoots at Kotetsu, he hits Kriem's helicoper instead, causing it to crash on him.
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