Steins Gate 0 1x23

Arclight of the Point at Infinity: Arclight of the Sky

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Arriving in a world line where Amadeus doesn't exist, Rintaro heads towards the roof, receiving help from Moeka in getting past Leskinen. As Rintaro urges Mayuri and Suzuha to head to the past, Kagari, who decides to place her faith in Rintaro, helps him to hold back the enemy just long enough for the time machine to successfully leave before the helicopter attacks. Arriving just before Rintaro returns from his failed rescue attempt, Mayuri calls her past self and encourages her to set Rintaro on the right path, after which she and Suzuha are forced to jump into a random time period to avoid causing a time paradox. The past Mayuri slaps Rintaro to knock him back to his senses, and then receives a D-mail from Rintaro. In the year 2025, Rintaro sends his past self a video instructing him on how to save both Mayuri and Kurisu and reach Steins;Gate before setting off in a time machine in order to find Mayuri and Suzuha. Meanwhile, Mayuri and Suzuha are trapped somewhere at an unknown barren land in the year 18,000 BC when they see Rintaro arrive in his time machine to rescue them.
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