Sound of the Sky / Sora no Woto 1x8

Phone Duty: We Have an Emergency

  • HqqEnglish Subtitle - Full HD
The squad are asked to watch over the emergency phone and wait for a call to check it is still in order, so Kanata decides to take responsibility whilst the others go out for various tasks. Before Rio leaves, she gives Kanata a trumpet book, signed by an Iliya Arkadia. Later, Seiya, Mishio and the Priest arrive, and decide to help Kanata practise using a phone, but a mess is made when Mishio spooks Shuko. Yumina arrives at that point, scolds the others and gives Kanata a change of clothes. Afterwards, Kanata needs the toilet but can’t leave her post, so she holds out until Rio comes back. The phone then rings and Rio answers, hearing a voice she’s not too fond of asking her to save Helvetia.
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