Sound of the Sky / Sora no Woto 1x11

A Visitor: A Burning Field of Snow

  • HqqEnglish Subtitle - Full HD
Whilst on patrol in the snow, Kanata and Kureha stumble upon an unconscious Roman soldier. Noël seems to recognize her and asks to look over her. She wakes up the next day and introduces herself as Aisha Aldola, though she is unable to speak Helvetian. Kanata and Noël spend some time with her, and Kanata is surprised she knows how to play Amazing Grace. Later, Naomi and Yumina arrive, informing them that Helvetian armies are heading towards the fortress. Yumina acts as a translator for Aisha, who says that she wants to see the Angel Fossil (the one Kanata saw underwater in the first episode), the remains of the "Angel of the Apocalypse" that brought upon judgment to the world of the distant past.
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