Mysterious Girlfriend X 1x12

Mysterious "Squeeze"

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As Akira is a little bashful around Mikoto, having seen her naked and all, she requests to try his drool, her experience how flustered he is. The next day, when Mikoto uses her scissors against Akira for attempting to hug her, she is shocked when she sees she had cut his forehead a little. As Mikoto takes Akira to her home to get his injury treated, she finds her scissors have become less accurate, which she believes to be caused by a strange dream she had after trying Akira's drool. As Mikoto gives Akira more of her drool, he starts picturing Mikoto naked and ends up banging his head whilst trying to avoid hugging Mikoto on impulse. After hearing his reasoning, Mikoto decides to hug Akira of her own accord, which in turn restores her scissor technique. The next day, as one of his classmates offers to replace Akira's gauze, Akira opts to keep it as it was the gauze Mikoto gave him. Later that day, Mikoto once again initiates a hug.
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