Legend of the Galactic Heroes / Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu 1x3

Birth of the 13th Fleet

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In Heinessen (capital planet of the Free Planets Alliance), a memorial for the soldiers who died at the battle of Astarte is held. The warmongering speech of Job Trüniht, the Secretary of Defence, is interrupted by Jessica Edwards, whose fiancé was killed in the battle: she asks him why the advocates of war always sacrifice the lives of others while hiding in safer places. While going home, she is attacked by members of the Patriotic Knights Corps (P.K.C.), a nationalistic organization secretly led by Trüniht. She is rescued by her friends Yang and Dusty Attenborough and barely escapes death. The next day, Yang is promoted to rear admiral in command of the newly formed 13th Fleet. His mission: to take the Iserlohn fortress, a powerful space station which has repelled every attack.
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