Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi 1x4

Encountered a Bear, Spoke to it

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  • HqqEnglish Subtitle - Full HD
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On his way to the bathroom, Daigo tosses his lunch to Kazuma, who stumbles backward into Hina Sakai, a third-year student, knocking both of them over. Apologetic, he picks up and returns her cellphone, complimenting the cuteness of the ornament dangling from it. Hina mistakes this as ridicule, snapping back and leaving. Back in class, Kazuma, Ui, Ibuki and Daigo sit to lunch discussing the upcoming sports festival, specifically the renown Hikonan Race, a form of triathlon. As participants in this event represent a business, Kazuma is informed by Senka upon his return that he will be entered on behalf of the inn. He heads out on a jog to prepare, finds Koyori up a tree in the park, and breaks her fall when she slips off. Reconciled, he accompanies her to Gengorou Yamakawa, an elderly friend and widower. The man talks of his late-wife, specifically his hospitalized grandson, Keita, awaiting an undisclosed surgery, making plans with Koyori to visit him. Back in her room, Hina makes the decision to apologize to Kazuma. Koyori and Gengorou surprise Keita the following day; in an effort to keep his spirits high, Koyori promises Keita to enter the Hikonan Race and place first if he will remain optimistic about the surgery. After a brief encounter with Hina, who does not apologize, Kazuma finds Madoka at the shrine; where she tells him more about the story of Futagoyama.
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