Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi 1x12

Bridge of Stars Suspended in the Night Sky

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  • HqqEnglish Subtitle - Full HD
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Sitting with the boys at breakfast, Senka informs Kazuma that as the winner of The Hikonan Race, he is to play the Ogami[a] in the upcoming festival's Futagoyama ceremony. Though skeptical of the idea, he agrees. On his way to school, Daigo encourages him to use the opportunity to get with Tsumugi, the Megami,[b] and by extension, the prettiest girl in the entire town. Ibuki happily catches up to them as Ui bashfully approaches; a silence drawn between herself and Kazuma. Class over for the day, Ui and Kazuma sheepishly walk together to the shrine in practice for the ceremony. Having sensed something during dress rehearsal, Tsumugi sits with Ui to discuss her recent behavior around Kazuma; despite Ui's efforts to cover up and derail the topic, Tsumugi finds it to be nothing shorter than love. The day of the ceremony comes. As the girls prepare to get dressed, Tsumugi collapses and complains of abdominal pain, asking Ui to take her place as the Megami. Kazuma follows rehearsal, driven on a float to one end of a bridge above the iconic stream. In the distance in an identical manner, Ui is wheeled to the other side. Caught off guard and with nowhere to go, Kazuma gazes at her speechless as the town stares in awe. His emotions build to an unbearable level, and deviating from plan, shouts at the top of his lungs that he is in love with her. Following some persuasion from Ibuki, Ui reciprocates. An afterparty is held at the inn. In the back, Ibuki and Madoka come to terms with being rejected as Kazuma and Ui kiss under a constellation of a bridge.
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