Full Metal Panic 2x3

The Hamburger Hill of Art / Single Minded Stakeout!

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  • HqqEnglish Subtitle - Full HD
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The Hamburger Hill of Art: During a field trip to the park, the class selects Sousuke to be the model for their art project. However, Sousuke misinterprets the modeling advice he receives from their art teacher, turning the assignment with his classmates into a game of life-and-death. Single Minded Stakeout!: Kaname goes on a date with a former classmate to an amusmement park while Sousuke and Kyoko follow her. Sousuke seems relieved that she's simply on a date until drunken yakuza threaten Kaname. Not wanting to reveal that he was following her, Sousuke comes to the rescue disguised as a park mascot.
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