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Noblesse Oblige

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As Kazuya accompanies Satellizer, who is confined to a wheelchair, to West Genetics for treatment, she has a change of plans and heads to Bali instead. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, as her Noblesse oblige duty, sends information about the E-Pandora project to her family, hoping their influence will lead to an investigation into Chevalier's shady activities and save the E-Pandoras. However, Spencer and the Chevaliers discovers the leak and has Elizabeth tortured with electroshock as punishment. Three days later, Chiffon, Eugene, Andre and Rana are worried over Elizabeth, but much to their shocked, the Chevaliers return a catatonic Elizabeth to them. At the same time, the Mably Conglomerate are hit with a series of scandals which ruins the company's reputation. Andre and Chiffon realizes this was the work of the Chevaliers in retaliation of Elizabeth's leak as she discovered the Mark IV experiment is incomplete and the Chevaliers were trying to cover up the truth to the public. Amelia is sadden on what has happen to Elizabeth. Elsewhere, Elizabeth reveals to Kazuya she came to Bali to ask her family for help to stop the E-Pandora project. Arriving at a hotel owned by the el Bridget family, Satellizer is reunited with her older sister Violet. But to her horror, her younger brother Louis is here as well.
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