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Mark IV

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Scarlett reveals the Mark IV proposition to the E-Pandoras and original Pandoras explaining it to be a nanomachine infusion containing original Pandora data to enhance the E-Pandora's compatibility with their Stigmata. Afterwards, the original Pandoras discuss the timing of Mark IV and its viability. While Satellizer and Rana train competitively, Amelia meets with Scarlett to discuss her concerns about the Mark IV wherein Scarlett reveals that due to the E-Pandoras willing agreement to join the project, they have no say in the matter but somewhat manages to allay Amelia's concerns. Back in training, Satellizer manages to diffuse a confrontation between Rana and Jina over Rattle's eating habits. Amelia confronts Jina about volunteering for the Mark IV but Jina rebukes her stating its only fairly her turn. Later, Jina thanks Satellizer revealing that it's Satellizer's data she'll be using and that'll allow her to defeat Satellizer for their practice match. During the administration, a problem arises before a flash forward to the match wherein Jina appears to be holding her own as shown in a promotional video to the public. Spencer is briefed in Jina's increasing unusual Stigmata activity, but he considers it to be expected and necessary to the point of her being a living corpse for the public's support. At the administration lab, a helpless Jina is shown to be becoming a Nova and consciously aware of it. Desiring to see Amelia and Rattle again, Jina breaks free of the lab while Spencer orders the mobilization of selected Pandora to stop her.
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