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Pandora Queen

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The West Genetics Academy decides to hold a prom where both Satellizer and Lana crosses eyes over who will Kazuya go to the dance with which he chooses the former. Meanwhile, Elizabeth decides to take Chiffon's advice and tells the third-years to stop targeting Satellizer but Attia still wants to humiliate Satellizer. On the night of the prom, Attia challenges Satellizer to compete in the Pandora Queen beauty contest which the latter agrees out of pride. When she's about to go on stage soon, Satellizer becomes nervous but Lana who is also competing, encourages her to withstand it for the sake of her partner. Despite being shy on stage, her timidness appeases the crowd and she wins the crown. Angry about her loss, Attia arranges for Satellizer to wear a skimpy outfit which becomes transparent under the spotlight, but Kazuya uses his Freezing ability to freeze the crowd and helps Satellizer escape from embarrassment.
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