Freezing 1x5

She is Rana Linchen

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Satellizer finally accepts Kazuya as her Limiter as she doesn't feel uncomfortable when he touches her and he can do Freezing without performing a baptism. Arthur and Kaho are shocked by this development and even more so when they learn Satellizer has invited Kazuya into her room tonight. Meanwhile, a new student from Tibet named Lana Linchen has arrived at West Genetics Academy. As Kazuya, Arthur and Kaho head to the girls' dormitory, they are confronted by the 3rd to 5th-ranked Second-year Pandoras, Audrey Duval, Tris Mackenzie and Aika Takeuchi, whom all lost to Satellizer at the battle royale and wants to take it out on Kazuya, and tortures Arthur and Kaho for interfering. In anger, Kazuya activates his Freezing powers but soon lose consciousness as Lana arrives to rescue them and defeats the second-year Pandoras. Informed on what just happened, Satellizer visits the hospitalized Kazuya.
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