Fate Zero 1x7

Forest of Demons

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From his church, Risei informs all of the active Masters that the war is to be put on hold until Caster, who's killings of children are attracting the public, is killed with the reward of another Command Spell. Back in Einzbern Castle, Kiritsugu plans to use the Masters hunt on Caster to attack them despite Saber's protests that they should stop Caster rather than use his obsession for her to lure him. Later, Kiritsugu admits to Iri he doesn't want to do this and would rather run away with her and their daughter Ilya. However, Kiritsugu and Iri detects Caster arriving from the forest with more children to be sacrifice which Iri allows Saber to go after him. As Caster howls his mad, twisted love for "Jeanne", Saber is ambushed by Caster's summoned monsters until Lancer intervenes and joins forces with Saber to defeat Caster. As Iri evacuates the castle with Maiya, El-Melloi, who had survived the hotel bombing thanks to his Volumen Hydragyrum, a giant magical blob of mercury, infiltrates the castle to duel Saber's master but instead trips booby traps set up Kiritsugu which El-Melloi's Hydragyrum protecting him. As Kiritsugu evades El-Melloi using his Calico M960, he launches a surprise attack at El-Melloi with his Contender pistol.
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