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A Certain Scientific Railgun

Returning Series 3 Seasons - 73 Episodes
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A Certain Scientific Railgun / Toaru Kagaku no Railgun watch online eng subbed free – Misaka’s electro-manipulation abilities – and delightfully destructive Railgun projectile move – make her a rock star in Academy City. The techno-metropolis is packed with supernaturally powered students known as espers, including Misaka’s flirty friend and roommate, Kuroko. She uses her teleportation skills as a member of the Judgment law enforcement team, fighting crime alongside her fellow agent Uiharu. Joined by their friend Saten, a spunky Level 0 esper, Misaka, Kuroko, and Uiharu have a blast taking on danger whenever and wherever it arises.

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Season 2
1 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6832-episode-31-season-1.jpg"> Railgun2013
2 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6833-episode-32-season-1.jpg"> Life Interrupt (Critical)2013
3 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6834-episode-33-season-1.jpg"> Railgun Mass-Production Plan (Radio Noise Project)2013
4 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6835-episode-34-season-1.jpg"> Sisters2013
5 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6836-episode-35-season-1.jpg"> Definite Power Advancement Project (Level 6 Shift Project)2013
6 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6837-episode-36-season-1.jpg"> Because I Can See Them All2013
7 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6838-episode-37-season-1.jpg"> We Want to Help You2013
8 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6839-episode-38-season-1.jpg"> ITEM2013
9 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6840-episode-39-season-1.jpg"> Aim Stalker Power Trace2013
10 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6841-episode-40-season-1.jpg"> Particle Destabilizer (Meltdowner)2013
11 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6842-episode-41-season-1.jpg"> Vending Machine2013
12 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6843-episode-42-season-1.jpg"> Tree Diagram2013
13 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6844-episode-43-season-1.jpg"> One way - Accelerator2013
14 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6845-episode-44-season-1.jpg"> Promise2013
15 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6846-episode-45-season-1.jpg"> Tōma Kamijō2013
16 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6847-episode-46-season-1.jpg"> Sisters2013
17 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6848-episode-47-season-1.jpg"> Study Group2013
18 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6849-episode-48-season-1.jpg"> Moving2013
19 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6850-episode-49-season-1.jpg"> Academy City Research Exhibit Assembly2013
20 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6851-episode-50-season-1.jpg"> Febri2013
21 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6852-episode-51-season-1.jpg"> Darkness2013
22 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6853-episode-52-season-1.jpg"> Study2013
23 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6854-episode-53-season-1.jpg"> Dawn of a Revolution2013
24 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6855-episode-54-season-1.jpg"> Eternal Party2013
Season 3
1 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6856-episode-55-season-1.jpg"> Super-powered (Level 5)2020
2 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6857-episode-56-season-1.jpg"> The Daihasei Festival2020
3 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6858-episode-57-season-1.jpg"> Balloon Hunter2020
4 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6859-episode-58-season-1.jpg"> Tampering2020
5 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6860-episode-59-season-1.jpg"> Trust2020
6 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6861-episode-60-season-1.jpg"> The Battle Begins2020
7 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6862-episode-61-season-1.jpg"> Auribus oculi fideliores sunt2020
8 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6863-episode-62-season-1.jpg"> Mental Out2020
9 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6864-episode-63-season-1.jpg"> Kozaku Mitori2020
10 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6865-episode-64-season-1.jpg"> Clone Dolly2020
11 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6866-episode-65-season-1.jpg"> Joining the Battle2020
12 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6867-episode-66-season-1.jpg"> Exterior2020
13 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6868-episode-67-season-1.jpg"> SYSTEM (Those Who Arrive at Heaven's Will in an Only Human Body)2020
14 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6869-episode-68-season-1.jpg"> Dragon Strike (Jaw of the Dragon King)2020
15 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6870-episode-69-season-1.jpg"> Promise2020
16 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6871-episode-70-season-1.jpg"> Dream Ranker2020
17 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6872-episode-71-season-1.jpg"> Precognition2020
18 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6873-episode-72-season-1.jpg"> Bust Upper2020
19 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6874-episode-73-season-1.jpg"> Strange Coincidence2020
20 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6875-episode-74-season-1.jpg"> Ha Det Bra2020
21 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6876-episode-75-season-1.jpg"> Doppelganger2020
22 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6877-episode-76-season-1.jpg"> Scavenger2020
23 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6878-episode-77-season-1.jpg"> Possession2020
24 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6879-episode-78-season-1.jpg"> Diffusion2020
25 <img src="" alt="Image black-clover-6880-episode-79-season-1.jpg"> My Dear Friends2020
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